The Key to have an Effective Communication

The Key to have an Effective Communication

The Key to have an Effective Communication

In true communication both parties are willing to change. The arrangement should be win-win and there should be empathy and empathetic listening involved. Respect and trust are very important and critical and the communication should be mutually beneficial rather than being a manipulative exercise.

These are the Keys of having an effective communication:-


Practice makes a man perfect and this is true with English speaking as well. The more you practice the better you become and thus you should try to get as many opportunities to speak in English as possible because that will help you become fluent and a good communicator and that will promote your brand and goodwill.


Listening is different from hearing. In listening you understand the others perspective and then walk towards a win-win arrangement. Thus listening means hearing and understanding. You have to be egoless to be a good communicator and only then will you be able understand the other and reach to a mutually beneficial agreement.


Empathy means putting yourself in the others shoes and then looking at things from his perspective. Empathetic listening is critical for success as only when both the parties are on the same page can any communication happen.


The communication should be a win-win arrangement. It should not be an arm twisting or manipulating tactic, instead it should be a mutually beneficial agreement by both the parties. As a wise man said ‘in true communication, both parties are willing to change’.


Most of the time we are not listening, we are only preparing to answer and thus it is critical that we have a dialogue and not a monologue. Communication should be mutually profitable and the parties should be willing to change for a win-win arrangement.

Thus you need to have empathy, listening, respect and mutual understanding for communication to be effective and successful. A successful communication is a win-win communication.


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