How to prepare yourself for the new Learning

How to prepare yourself for the new Learning

How to prepare yourself for the new Learning

For learning anything new you need to leave aside all your prejudices and preconceived notions and have to look at the subject with a receptive mind and fresh eyes.

Also you need to be open to the learning and empty the cup of your mind which is overflowing with past knowledge and experience.

Everything is changing and everything is a river flowing. If you have an open mind and flow with it you reach the destination and if you resist it then you have pain and sorrow and misery.

Some ways of preparing yourself for new learning:-


The first thing you need to keep in mind when you learn anything new is that you have to empty the cup of your mind.

You mind is full of prejudices, judgements and preconceived notions and you need to leave them aside to learn anything new like a new language. Also you should be ready to change and have an open mind do that you can encompass the new learning and accept it with open arms.


There is a 3 step process of learning anything new. The first is you have unlearn and empty the cup of the mind. The next is you need to understand and accept the new learning and the third is relearning it again and again till it becomes a part of your system.


It is very important to keep your prejudices aside while learning anything new. Leave all what you have collected or hear about the new learning and approach it afresh. This way you can learn the new skill with enormous ease and also understand the new perspectives which come with it.


Most importantly you need to have an open mind so that you can easily accept the new learning and nothing blocks the way of the new learning.

Thus if you keep these things in mind while learning anything new, especially a language then you will definitely taste success and growth.


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